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Special Features of Kohler Toilets

Kohler stands out in the area because of the company core concepts of theirs. Not merely can they be family owned for 4 generations, though the commitment to excellence is seen in each and every item they produce.

Leading in innovation and technology, it designs Kohler toilets as well as bathroom fixtures lasting, be stylish and eye pleasing. With functionality which functions to exacting standards day in and day out, The Bold Look of Kohler is much more than a business slogan.

The forward thinking company is trying to determine what is next. Based on a worker on Glass Door, Kohler is an enterprise which is committing itself to be an Employer of choice because no notion appears to be outrageous to think about, everybody is asking’ what if?’ and that’s bringing about several thrilling discussions and strategy.

Kohler has a few uniques options and features that you might be keen on. The next list outlines the components while they impact the toilet of yours and also the style of the bathroom.

360 Swirl Flushing Technology

This function guarantees it utilizes the bowl holes to swirl the water as it drains during a flush to clean up the bowl.

Glazed Trapway

The Kohler Glazed Trapway, unlike many less costly versions, results in a lustrous surface inside and out. The Gloss White glaze that’s used aids in preventing stains, keeps the trapway clean, and also stops discoloration.

DryLock Technology

Kohler DryLock is a tank mounting technological innovation which does away with the bolt holes with the tank and enables quick, installation simple with just one tool required.

Grip-Tight Reveal Q3 seat

Created to fit most round bowls, the Grip Tight Reveal seat spreads over the seat whenever the lid is closed.

Aquapiston Technology

Rather than a flapper to manage water flow, Kohler works on a piston which uses a three to two water ratio with the flush valve. This guarantees a quick and forceful flush.

Built-in UV light

On many Kohler bidets and self cleaning toilet seats, the integrated UV light will trigger to sterilize the wand and surface to help you maintain itself and also you clean.

Peaceful Flush

Kohler’s Quiet Flush methods create less audio (69.5 to eighty Db) than an electrical shaver (eighty Db).

Pressure Lite Technology

With a 0.2 HP pump, a pressure lite assisted toilet uses air power besides gravity to offer a fast, clean, and powerful flush.